Fat Cat Funds Report 2021

How does your superannuation fund compare? The Stockspot Fat Cat Funds Report compares Australia's largest superannuation funds and their investing strategies.

It only takes two minutes to check the health of your superannuation fund, and by comparing your super, you could save over $200,000.

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Find out the best performing super funds

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2021 Fat Cat Funds Report

Pick the best super fund for you

Superannuation is your retirement savings and can affect the quality of life you have after you stop working. That's why getting your hard earned money into the best super fund that you can is one of the biggest financial decisions you ever make.

Unfortunately, many funds make comparing superannuation difficult. They make it hard to know how much you pay in fees AND they often hide their investment strategy.

It only takes two minutes to check the health of your superannuation fund, and by comparing your super, you could save over $200,000.

The Fat Cat Funds Report does all the work for you by:

  • Comparing the best and worst performing super funds in each category (moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive growth)
  • Giving you tips on how to pick the best super fund for your circumstances

Who topped our list (again)?

For the sixth year in a row, AMP is in the top three Fat Cat funds, this year ranking #2 on the list.

Our report will show you exactly which of their six superannuation funds have performed the worst.

If your super is in one of these AMP Funds we urge you to compare your superannuation options today.

High super fees harm you

High superannuation fees harm you

Many young Aussies paying 1.5% per year or more in super fees could pay over $226,261 in excess fees in their lifetime.

Fees are also an important consideration for those approaching retirement. As you reach retirement, your portfolio generally becomes more conservative. Fees take an even larger slice of your returns in a moderate or conservative super fund.

While you can't control the performance of your superannuation, you can control the superannuation fees that you pay.

Download the Fat Cat Funds Report and find out what impact high fees could have on your super balance.

The right superannuation investment options

Most people aren't aware of exactly how their superannuation money is being invested. But this is crucial to understand, because how it's invested directly impacts how that money grows.

People of different ages need a different investment strategy. The Fat Cat Funds Report will show you how to work out the right mix of different investments for your age, and why you should be wary of super funds that have large investments in unlisted property and infrastructure as part of their defensive mix.

How to choose a great super fund

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