Investing for kids (without the fees)

We believe children deserve the best start possible, which is why you can invest for your kids for free with Stockspot.

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Investing for kids (without the fees)

Give your kids a head start

We all want the best for the little people in our lives and investing for your children is a great way to set them up for the future.

A tailored plan for your child's future

Follow their portfolio online together and watch their investments grow.

Learn money lessons

Help your kids learn good saving habits and discover the power of compound growth.

Easy to use

It's easy to set up an account and start investing. Its paperfree!

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Get started early

Get started early

Whether it's education, sports, music, or a nice financial boost when they're older, the earlier you start investing for your kids, the better for their future.

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Say goodbye to the bank of mum and dad

$2,000 invested in a broad mix of investments earning 7% per annum + a regular top up of $100 a month could give your child nearly $65,700 by the time they're 21. And that’s enough to ease the financial burden on you too.

Most savings accounts only offer about 2% interest per year.

See our assumptions.

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Discover how other parents are investing for their children

Sure, money isn't everything, but it makes a difference. Investing on behalf of your child is the single most powerful way to help them achieve financial independence when the time comes. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Simply better investing

Stockspot is Australia's first and largest online investment adviser. We’ll help you set up an investment portfolio tailored for your kids and their goals. There's no paperwork and no need to be an expert.

You can start with as little as $2,000, with no Stockspot management fees until your child's portfolio reaches $10,000 or they turn 18. To qualify, simply select the 'Kids' account type when you join.

Then sit back and watch their portfolio grow.

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Simply better investing
Licensed Australian financial adviser

We are completely independent from the ETFs we recommend.

Established track record of returns

Our portfolios have delivered more consistent returns than Australian shares.

Expert guidance when you need it

Our investment advisers are on hand to help as much or as little as you need.

Simple, all-in-one solution

It's the easy, hassle-free way to build your wealth. No paperwork, no stress.

Our portfolios

The strategies below provide different mixes of growth and defensive assets, depending on your financial goals and risk appetite. We also offer the same strategies within our Sustainable Portfolios which focus on ethical investments.

How to invest for kids

Create your account
Select that you are investing for 'Kids'
Get your portfolio recommendation
Start investing for your kids!

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Frequently asked questions

What does opening a kids account involve?

Complete an application via the Stockspot website and select the account type 'Kids'. The application should be completed in the name of a parent, relative, guardian or trust on behalf of the child as minors can’t legally own investments in their own name.

What identification do I need to open a kids account?

You’ll be asked to verify your date of birth and residential address so have a copy of your passport or drivers licence handy plus a recent bill or bank statement.

Is the account in my child’s name?

It’s an Australian legal requirement to be 18 years or over to make investments. Simply open an account in a parent/relative’s name and then you can give the account your child’s name, or set up a Family Trust account noting the child as a beneficiary.

Can I create more than one kids account i.e. one for each of my children?

Yes. Simply complete a new application for each child via the Stockspot website. Note that you’ll need to use a different email address for each new application.

Can I move the money out before my child turns 18?

Yes. You have full flexibility around when to withdraw. Withdrawals can be lodged within the Stockspot dashboard anytime. We’d recommend speaking with an accountant to understand any tax implications before selling down from the portfolio.

How much money do I need to start investing and are there any costs?

You can start with just $2,000 and there are no Stockspot management fees until your child's portfolio reaches $10,000 or they turn 18.

Note that each ETF that we invest in charges a management fee which comes out of the unit price. The average ETF fees across the Stockspot Model Portfolios is 0.25% per year. That's $25 per year on a $10,000 portfolio. These are indirect costs, which come out of the ETF unit price and are not charged by Stockspot.